Coroner 4

Coroner 4
TV Series, Drama, Coming Soon

CORONER season four returns with Dr. Jenny Cooper fresh from recent and sudden loss determined to start anew. To cope with her grief, she buries herself in her work but a new face in the office causes Jenny to re-examine her relationship with life and death. At home, Jenny is dealing with the return of the mother who abandoned her as a child. Detective Donovan McAvoy, fresh from recovery, seeks to prove he’s fit to be back on the job and unintentionally finds himself in a situation that creates a rift between him and partner Malik Abed. Ross finds new passions and interests – one of them being Jenny’s assistant, Alphonse. Gordon and Peggy reunite, though Jenny is convinced Peggy is not as perfect as she seems. Through a collection of emotionally intense, and spine-tingling cases, this season addresses grief, isolation, openness, impermanence, forgiveness, and resilience of spirit. Jenny and all those around her learn to live in the moment, learn to be free, and learn that the vulnerability you possess can be your greatest strength.


Serinda Swan
Roger Cross
Nicolas Campbell
Ehren Kassam
Jennifer Dale
Adrienne Mitchell
Adriana Maggs
Morwyn Brebner
Jonas Prupas
Aren Prupas
Peter Emerson
Brett Burlock
Serinda Swan
Noelle Carbone
Suzanne Colvin-Goulding
Ruba Nadda
Farhad Mann 
Samir Rehem 
Serinda Swan
Liz Farrer
Adrienne Mitchell
Cory Bowles
Suzanne Colvin-Goulding
Winter 2022
Samy Inayeh
Jason Webber
Adriana Maggs
Shannon Masters
Nathalie Younglai
Laura Good
Mazi Khalighi
Noelle Carbone
JP Larocque
Lindsay Addawoo
Seneca Aaron
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