Star Spangled Banners

Banner 4th of July in the U.S.

Star Spangled Banners
Distribution, TV Movies, Drama, Family

Star Spangled Banners is the story of Desiree Banner, a record company owner who has struggled to find happiness since leaving the band she once headlined with her brothers Mitchell and Johnny. When her mother Rosalind suddenly has a heart attack, Desiree returns to her hometown of Pinewood Hills and learns the town will face bankruptcy if it can’t make a bond repayment by the Fourth of July. Confined to bed and hating every minute of it, Rosalind, who also happens to be mayor of Pinewood Hills, has secretly hatched a plan to repay the town’s debt. Rosalind has booked The Banners Project for a reunion concert at the town’s annual Fourth of July festival. The reunion concert will be a big deal, bringing in people from all over the country. The ticket sales alone will cover the debt. As Desiree attempts to work with her brothers to conjure up a long-term solution to Pinewood’s financial crisis, she must face her past mistakes head on, including the bad blood with Mitchell. As the Fourth of July approaches, it is up to Desiree and her siblings to put their family feud aside and help their beloved hometown recover from hard financial times.


Christian Campbell
Brooke White
Michael Barbuto
Mercedes Ruehl
Michael Vickerman
Jonas Prupas
Greg Gugliotta
Michael Prupas
Joel S. Rice
David Anselmo
Don McBrearty
Steve Solomos
Peter Benison
Michael Vickerman
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