Twice in a Lifetime 2

Twice in a Lifetime 2
Television Series, 22 x 1 hour
Distribution, TV Series, Drama, Family

Every episode of the series features a guest star who plays a flawed person who dies suddenly. Waiting for him on the other side are two celestial figures: a guide, Mr. Smith, played by Paul Popowich and Judge Othniel, played by Al Waxman. The person is given the chance to return to earth and to a time when he went astray. Guided by Mr. Smith, the character has three days to cajole his younger self to not make the same mistake. By changing history, he can alter the future and the course of other lives affected by him. It is not as easy as it first appears because the character must overcome deep biases and character flaws. Mr. Smith, who doesn’t remember his own life on earth and death, struggles to make sense of human nature and to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. But by guiding others, he hopes to earn his own chance at Twice in a Lifetime. Guest stars for this season include Academy Award-winning actress Lesley Ann Warren (The Limey, Victor/Victoria); Markie Post (There’s Something About Mary, and TV’s Hearts Afire and Night Court); Ralph Macchio (My Cousin Vinny, Karate Kid); Ed Marinaro (Hill Street Blues, Sisters); and film, television, Grammy-nominee and Broadway actress, Maria Conchita Alonso (Moscow On The Hudson, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Texas, One Of The Boys). Bruce Boxleitner (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) stars in the season premiere episode.


Paul Popowich
Al Waxman
Stephen Brackley
Pamela Long
David Winning
Alan King
Holly Dale
Steve DiMarco
Stacey Stewart Curtis
Alan Goluboff
Manfred Guthe
Alan Goluboff
Bruce Pittman
Graeme Lynch
Marilyn Stonehouse for Pebblehut Productions
Maris H. Jansons
Written by Pamela K. Long
Created by Steve Sohmer
Pebblehut Productions
a Muse Entertainment Company