About Us

Internationally Acclaimed Film and TV Production Company

Recognized internationally for its well-crafted, high-quality productions, Muse Entertainment is a world-class studio and one of Canada’s largest film and television production companies. Founded in 1998 with its head office in Montreal, Muse produces a wide range of primetime comedy and drama series, miniseries, television movies, feature films, documentaries, factual entertainment, family programs and animation. Muse’s productions have won critical acclaim, large audiences, over 100 international awards, including Emmy Awards, and over 300 award nominations!

Muse’s distribution arm, Muse Distribution International, has a catalogue of over 460 hours of television programming, which it licenses to major broadcasters and third-party vendors around the world.

Muse has a digital media division that produces websites, webisodes, apps, online and mobile games.

Muse Entertainment USA, established in 2007, is based in Los Angeles.  Muse USA produces primetime series, movies, animation and factual entertainment for over-the-air and cable networks in the United States.

Muse also maintains development and production facilities in Toronto and in Vancouver. Muse Entertainment Factual, launched in 2013, is headquartered in Toronto.

A Leader in Co-Productions, Joint Ventures and International Partnerships

Muse Entertainment prides itself on its ability to bring creative, artistic, technical and financial resources together. In doing so, Muse has become a leader in co-productions, joint ventures and international partnerships. We have substantial experience combining our knowledge of international laws and practices with our thorough understanding of off-network funding sources from around the world.

We are proud of the many international partnerships we’ve made under Canada’s official film production treaties. Muse has co-produced with companies in France, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Morocco, Australia and South Africa, amortizing costs of production over a wider audience base and qualifying for the fiscal advantages offered for official co-productions.

Muse Entertainment is staffed by experts in project development, production, post-production, legal and business affairs, financial structuring, tax credit collection, government and union relations, sales, distribution, publicity, digital media and social media.